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CT Scan - Dr 95% positive it's cancer


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Thank you LexiCat and Judy.  I won't be giving any supplements except what Onc recommends and right now it's Folic Acid and B12 Rx and Vit D and Fish Oil, I will confirm Vit D dosage and confirm Fish Oil because I know bleeding is a concern so I was surprised he was ok with Fish Oil.

I'm not sure about regular CT scans, I know they said they'll be monitoring bloodwork.  I'm sure we'll be finding out more as the chemo day approaches.  I've got lots of prayer support.  The Onc was very clear that immunotherapy would be dependent upon response to and after chemo and radiation which will be 30x.

I'm dealing with insurance company and hopefully DH's company HR, he really dislikes admin...

Thanks again for the support.

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