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Hey best friends I've not yet met.

Quick question. I seem to be having issues with swallowing. Every once in awhile the food (or drink) goes the wrong way and into my lungs rather than the stomach. Had a really bad experience a couple weeks ago when I inhaled some Romen. Took awhile but I think I hacked it all up.

Anyone else experience this? No question the radiation damaged my throat. I will be bringing this up next time I see my Onc.



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Ah, yeah, one of my ALK sisters had a similar issue in Canada, Jill Hamer Wilson.  She writes a LC blog called Through the Valley.  Last year she wrote a post about this… As I recall she had someone from the palliative care team who specializes in throat issues teach her how to swallow differently.   

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I actually had to go for swallow testing and was not that surprised to hear that I have a moderate to severe case of (forgot the name) muscles not being coordinating to push the food in the right direction.  As a result, I have to chew extra carefully and also take a sip of water after every bite.  I don't always remember to take the sip, but I've had some coughing fits that scared me, but nothing ever came out.  The doctor said this was happening in the lower part of my esophagus.  He told me that if it were to worsen then we'd look into treatment.


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Dysphagia is fairly common in the elderly. Liquids can be thickened to slow down them down so the nerves can get ready to swallow properly. I agree that swallowing/speech therapy is a good idea.

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