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email to Oprah


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I just sent this email to the Oprah show. Had to make it fit the space provided. It may not do any good but I figured it is worth a try.


1. Lung cancer is not just a smokers disease

2. It is not an automatic death sentence there are many long term survives

3 It is not contagious

4. It is the largest cancer killer in the world

5. Research into causes and treatments is drastically underfunded

6. People with lung cancer did not ask for it any more than someone asks to have a heart attack or colon or breast cancer. It is something that happens to them.

7. We desperately need someone to pay attention and speak up for these people

The number of young women in their thirties and forties who have never smoked or been constantly around cigarette smoke is growing every day. To learn the real story about this terrible monster that is among us please go to the web site of Lung Cancer Survivors for Change http://www.buy2k.net/lungcancersurvivors/forum/phpBB2/ I promise it will be a very enlightening experience.

Any killer is a threat to all of us. Death doesn't have to come in the form of a bomb or poisonous gas. It can come from many places. Please don't allow it to continue to come from indifference

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