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Remission. A word I never thought I’d hear


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Hi Everyone! First let me apologize for not being more active on the forums. Life gets in the way sometimes. So, as some of you may know, I was diagnosed in 2019 with stage IV Squamous cell nsclc. I was told I was not a candidate for surgery and would have to learn to live with treatments and infusions for the rest of my life. I was scared and depressed. Well after chemotherapy, immunotherapy(which I am still on), radiation and an upper left lobectomy my fantastic and brilliant oncologist told me “you are in remission girl”. I’ve had 2 NED scans and I’M IN REMISSION!!! Remission is a word I never thought I would hear. Never give up hope. 

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Well that is such Awesone news! You are the perfect example of how much hope there is now! And your one post just now will give countless others hope as well!

Celebrate! And check in once in awhile. We love good news!




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Hi Claudia, 

I'm so thrilled for you! I remember when you were considering surgery, the goal was NED and now you have confirmation it was the right decision.  It was a gutsy move as surgery isn't the standard of care right now with Stage IV disease, so this is trailblazing news.  Thank you for having the courage to push forward.   Namaste!    Michelle 

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