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Symptom management. Help please?


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Quick background, my Dad was diagnosed last month with stage 4 lung cancer. As I'm sure you all know, it was a shock. No history of smoking. No familial history of cancer. 

It started as a mild cough back in March of this year and has progressed to relentless coughing fits and SOB. It took 5 months for doctors to figure out what was going on. He's been losing weight due to loss of appetite (literally like 15-20lbs now) and has yet to start treatments thanks to the insurance taking its sweet time to approve chemo.

He's been given an inhaler to use every 6 hours and guaifenesin-codeine syrup to aleviate the cough but really aren't doing much to help him (particularly the syrup doesn't relieve the cough). I desperately want to help him just breathe easy and get a good nights sleep, but I don't know what else can be done.

My Mom has taken role as caregiver and has bought Hepa filters, teas, cough drops, vicks, vaporizer, humidifier, neck massager, therapedic neck pillow, basically everything under the sun. She has already eliminated using cleaning supplies with strong scents and tries cooking outside on the grill instead of inside when possible to avoid aggravating my Dad's cough. She massages his esophagus lightly and that seems to help him rest. (Dad feels like there something in his throat that provokes the cough thus all the neck and throat stuff)

Any advice? Please? I don't want my Mom to get burned out, and I don't want my Dad to give up before the fight has even started. I feel so useless and I'm trying my best to stay strong for them but pregnancy hormones don't help the already emotional. 

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Doting Daughter - I responded to your other post regarding your dad's cough.  I suggested asking his doc for Tessalon Perles...they worked wonders with for my mom!

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