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Tight Rope After Surgery


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Hello All!  I had my first lung cancer surgery, right side, in October 2016.  Removed entire upper lobe and 1/2 the middle lobe. While still in hospital, I had some pretty bad pain where my drain tube was.   The pain got worse after I was home a few weeks.  It continued and was like a rope all around my chest, from where it started, around my chest (like right under my breasts), around my back and back to my drain tube location.  I was really painful. I asked my surgeon and he said to take a Aleve and if that didn’t help get the nerves burned.  Aleve did not help and just recently my pain management doctor said he would burn them but wasn’t sure if it would work and it was not successful.  The pain has pretty much eased up on the left side..just more like pressure now. Right now I have a spot in the middle and to the right of my lower right breast and goes straight through to my back. My pulmonologist didn’t seem to know what it was. I did not need any additional treatments after surgery as the tumors were so very small.  I was so very blessed with prayers.  My PC dr sent me to see an oncologist just to see if he might know. He gave me no explanation and just said it could last weeks, months or years but did not say what caused it. I have continued to google to try and find some info and finally found something  couple weeks ago.  I will post the link 
Was wondering if anyone had anything like this after surgery.  Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend!!!



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The rope pain around your bra area is where the lungs divide.  I’m 9 weeks post Left upper lobectomy and that still bothers me.  With the opiod crisis going on MD’s are being followed by the state on how m at scripts they write.  What worked for me for the pain when I got home was neurontin.  Non narcotic.  It was recommended on one of the topicals here.  
Regarding the unexplained pain, I have a ton.  I think my body is just a neurotic mess right now. Lol.  I get weird pains in my chest and breasts too.  I just chock it up to going through a brutal surgery for a disease I never thought I’d get and there isn’t a normal right now.  Congratulations on the rumors being small.  A true blessing.  Mine was too but I waited a year to have it out.  Covid, my aging dad, friends dying …. Like Lennon said “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. 
hang in there and ask about neurotin. 
lady rose blade 

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