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Post Nasal Drip- Nausea


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Hi all. My husband has Small Cell Lung Cancer and recently having nausea due to possible post nasal drip. He feels like he needs to get the mucus up out of his stomach.  We’ve tried Flonase, Mucinex, Antihistamine, humidifier so far.  Any other suggestions?  He doesn’t want to take anti-nausea medicine, he just wants to expel the phlegm. 

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I'm wondering whether it's acid reflux, particularly if he has nausea and antihistamines haven't worked. Perhaps try omeprazole or ask his doctor for a prescription for Protonix. I had acid reflux when I had esophagitis and took Protonix. If he goes to an ENT, they can scope his throat and diagnose which condition he has and how best to treat it. Best of luck. 

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Welcome here.

Sorry to learn of your husband's diagnosis. Post nasal drip can be a royal pain and you've mentioned all of the things I use to stop it. Sorry I can't offer more help.

What treatment is your husband receiving and has he had a scan since he started treatment?

Stay the course.


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Thanks Judy and Tom.  We will try Omeprazole, he has had problems with GERD years ago, pre diagnosis.  Can’t hurt to try!  The other thing that it could be is he has mets portahepatic region and I was looking up  epigastric pain.  So hard when every symptom has multiple possible causes….  He just had a PET on Friday and we will get results 10/6/21.  His treatment was SOC 4 treatments of Carboplatin/Etoposide with Atezolizumab.  Currently on Atezolizumab only.  This will be infusion 13 coming up. 

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