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MRI Question


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MRI with contrast, Heather, should be able to pick up tumor,blood flow, and who knows what all else. The MRI is the diagnostic of choice by my surgeon for brain, while the CT with contrast is good enough for the chest area. I suspect the doctor would be looking at nerve involvement/blood flow/soft tissue differences.

Why don't you ask the techs? They are a wealth of information (as long as you don't ask them to peek and tell.....).

Good luck.



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MRI is the method of choice to see cartilage and bone and soft tissues in the spine. It can show spinal disc material protruding into nerve canals. It is used for non-cancer related back problems. It sees different soft tissues according to the amount of Hydrogen content. It used to be call NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance because the Hydrogen nuclei resonate with radio frequency in a magnetic field, and is still called NMR when used by chemists in a test tube. The PR people did not want the word nuclear, either because it connotes radioactivity, which is not involved, or perhaps because so many people say nucular.


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