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Cancer patient + blood work


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I've got this "weird" question. Is it possible for a dying cancer patient to be having good blood results? Or are they irrelevant?

When I say blood results I mean for the tests done at a cancer treatment center. (meaning they should be related to some vital body functions)

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Hi there,

I don’t think of lung cancer as a terminal condition because there are so many treatment options available to us today.   For the better part of three years, the majority of my labs look better than “healthy” people.   Taking care of yourself with rest, hydration and nutrition helps to go a long way for tolerating the treatment.  

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Thanks for your replies.

My dad (Stage IV) is in really bad shape lately, he sleeps all day, has no energy, does not eat etc, has basically every "sign" of getting close to the end (at least according to all sources I've read online) however a few days ago when he went to the Cancer Treatment Center to get IV fluids the blood tests they they did came out supposedly good. That's where my question arose as to whether there is actually any link between the two.  I mean, how come the blood work was OK but so shortly after he got so much worse?


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Tom pretty much nailed it by saying, "this is complicated".  For example, what were the blood tests given and were they within range (e.g., lower/lowest part of the rainge) or at a more normal level for a healthy person?   Those are distinctions that matter.  You can also read about the process of dying at various medical center  websites. 

If someone is truly dying (I'm not saying your dad is), some indicators, or negative blood reactions, won't occur until the process of dying has progressed forward.  So, again, your doctor can best explain 


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