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No progress good or bad


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Ad a background, my brother was diagnosed with sclc in May.

He received 4 cycles of chemotherapy afyer which a significant reduction was noticed.

After that 24 fractions of radiotherapy.

Almost two months after the last treatment the control scan shows only little improvment and there is a mass of 27mm. (3 months ago it was 30mm).

Everything else is in order no new masses.

Just as an update.

At this point I have no idea what are next steps. 

Visiting the oncologist in a week.

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Hang in there.  Your brother is luck to have you supporting him.  Here is a little about what you can expect with SCLC: https://www.lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/navigating-your-diagnosis/treatment-options/treatment-options-for-small

How is your brother feeling after treament?

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He is feeling good, really got up with mood and health, as before diagnosis.

He is disappointed with the control scan, but the fact that he does not feel any symptoms and has no issues will get him back in spirit.


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You might ask if his doctors can try immunotherapy as a next treatment. Small cell has shown response to certain types of immunotherapy. Here is information about immunotherapy. Read at the right arrow: What immune checkpoint inhibitors are FDA Approved.

Stay the course.


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It might be observed that I was disappointed when I wrote the post.

A bit later, I can see that the good news is that thebgood news is that it stayed in remission almost 4 months after chemo and there are no new locations or symptomatic spread.

My brother is doing well,  while he cannot exert himself with activities he can do daily tasks, driving,  shopping without any difficulties.

So whatever comes, each day is a celebration I suppose.

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As an update,  just got out of the oncologist's office.

According to the oncologist the detected mass which was the same as just before radiation is a leftover tissue. In the report she wrote that my brother has had "almost complete remission". Not sure what almost means, but will ask next time.

She also scheduled a PCI, 10 sessions starting Monday and then check with the oncologist.

So much better news :-).

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I'll take anything that has the word remission in it.  Doctors are always considering the impact of their words, especially with diseases that have a higher rate of recurrence.  This is pretty good news and I hope you are smiling like the emoji, I know I am.


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