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Twist Out Cancer


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I just learned, during my hospital visit, that the wife of my incredible surgeon is a cancer survivor, herself. Jenna Benn Shersher founded and heads up a nonprofit called "Twist Out Cancer" (the title references a video she made of herself doing the Twist, during the time she was undergoing treatment, which was picked up and went viral with hundreds of others making their own Twist videos).

The organization's signature program is "Brushes With Cancer," which pairs those who have been touched by cancer with artists. Over a period of months, the artists create works of art (paintings, poetry, photography, etc.), which reflects their partner's experience. The resulting artworks are then sold to raise funds.

Here's the website, for anyone interested in participating or learning more: https://twistoutcancer.org

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Wow, what a cool site, and a great idea.  No wonder your surgeon is the person he is.  Unfortunately, I cannot draw a straight line, though I have been known to take some nice and interesting photographs as well as write songs.  Thanks for sharing this.  I'll look over it a bit more after this morning's workout.  Also; I'm hoping that you are continuing to improve.


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