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This could be interesting...

Cheryl T

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"The use of cannabinoids as a potential cancer treatment justifies further research."

Unfortunately, to read the full article you have to pay for it.

N.B. I am not advocating anyone try this at home.


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Luckily, there is a load of research going on around cancer treatment.  The issue with CBD is that there is no empirical evidence that it is as effective as our present forms of treatment.  Almost all stories are anecdotal and therefore not conducted using the scientific method.  Additionally, the only real research on it has been done in Petri dishes and that is a far cry from working in the human body.  Last, but not least, there is a major financial motive for CBD to be pushed for everything from anxiety to neuromuscular pain and more.  While it may have some practical use in certain areas it is still miles away from any proof of being efficacious in the treatment of cancer.

But, I'm happy for any research that goes on to help cure this terrible disease.


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I agree with Lou. But I want to also mention a financial disincentive. Because cannabis is unpatentable, drug companies don't have a financial incentive to do the very expensive testing/clinical trials needed to determine what it might do.  

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Have no idea the issues around CBD.  But this woman's story seemed interesting.  I think it takes a brave soul to turn down treatment and go it alone.  As to financial disincentives, I understand that.  The price of Tagrisso in Australia is approx A$7,500 per month!  Fortunately for me, the drug went onto our Prescribed Benefits Scheme a couple of months before it was prescribed for me.  I only pay $6.60 per month, the Government, or rather the tax payer, subsidies the balance.  The poor old pharmacist has to carry the full cost until they are subsidised.

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