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My wife is stage IV NS NSCLC with no drivers and no response to Keytruda.  On 2nd line Docetaxel and Ramuceramab.  Looking for small group to connect with to discuss and review related trials and research.  

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Hi there, and welcome. I'm in pretty much the same situation--Stage IV, no targetable mutations. I had progression on maintenance therapy (Keytruda and Alimta), after which I enrolled in a clinical trial of TIL (tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes) therapy. After a terrific initial response, I again had progression and pericardial effusion, which proved to have cancer cells. So I'm figuring out my own next move--most likely either a clinical trial of a new monoclonal antibody combined with Keytruda, or a new radiation therapy technique. 


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Hi there,

You are on the duo that I will go on if the trial I am on doesn’t work.  How are you dealing with it?  I have Enfortumab infusions which is a clinical trial I am in.  I am NSCLC stage IIIB.  I wish you all the luck! 

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