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Treatment for small possibly malignant lung module

Linda L

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Hello, I wanted to get some ideas on what are the possible treatment options for what may be cancerous renal kidney cells having migrated to the lung where there is a 1 cm nodule that is absorbing SUV to a maximum of three. Cancerous kidney was removed in June with all margins clean and lymph nodes as well but possible that a few renal cells may have escaped into the bloodstream and lodged in the lung. 

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I understand you are dealing with renal cancer that may have metastasized to the lung. In that case, treatment will mirror renal cancer that has different treatment modalities than we are familiar with. I can offer one comment. The noted 1 cm nodule in the lung is showing a standard uptake value (SVU) of 3. That is right on the border of a metastatic cancer indicator. SUVs less than 3 are considered normal and between 3 and 4 can be attributed to other reasons besides metastatic cancer. SUVs over 4 are generally presumed to be metastatic cancer. However, the size of the tumor is also a factor in SUV response. Smaller tumors generally tend to display inaccurate SUV scores. So while the tumor is of concern, the PET scan has not validated a metastatic profile.

I did some noodling on the web and found some Facebook groups devoted to kidney cancer. Here is the link. I must admit that I don't know anything about this support community except to say that unlike other's that popped up in my search list, KCCure does not appear to be selling anything nor pointing to practitioners or medical providers.

I hope this has been helpful.

Stay the course.



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Hi Linda, although I don't have personal experience with renal cancer, my son-in-law was diagnosed at Stage I at the age of 35. He thought he had an injury from strenuous workouts and requested an MRI. That's when they found his cancer. He too had surgery, margins were clean and he is now considered cancer-free after 5 years. I hope you have the same result. 

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