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Starting PCI


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My brother started with PCI yesterday. He is scheduled for 10 sessions.

I wasn't worrying much, but reading about it kind of scared me.

I beleive it is needed just some of the side effects seem scary.

I warned him about hair loss since it is a visible side effect. He says he doesn't care about it, but I am pretty sure it affects people a lot.

Hope that long term effects will never surfaces.

He was feeling great for the past two months, I am afraid this will affect his mood additionally, on top of the regular tiredness caused by PCI...

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I understand your reference to PCI to mean Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation. Is that correct?

I recall your brother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and had chemo-radiation as a first treatment. Is that a correct recollection?

Small cell often moves to the brain and your bother's doctors are likely anticipating that movement by ordering Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation. I wonder, did your brother have a brain scan prior to this treatment or is the treatment be performed as a precaution. Hair loss is one side effect but watch for signs of neurological impairment lake dizziness or difficulty speaking. Yes, this treatment can also cause fatigue but thankfully, that symptom is quickly over. 

Stay the course.


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Hi Tom,

Yes, chemotherapy, then chest radiation.

No brain scan prior to PCI, it is a precaution, there were no symptoms of brain mets too.

After the second session he is feeling nauseated and tired, will watch out for other side effects.


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As an update, 5 sessions finished, five more next week.

Apart from nausea no other side effects. Taking metoclopramide twice a day helps a lot.

Fatique also, but not all that much.

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Treatment completed :-).

Nausea and headaches were an issue but effects lessened by the final sessions.

We still need to visit the oncologist for next steps.

Happy to be home again, to avoid travelling which would take up 5 hours both ways we rent a room nearby the radiology center, but it really breaks my brother's good mood. I beleive that because he did not feel comfortable enough is what made the nausea worse.

Being able to work from anywhere, I am glad I can be with him so he does not have to stay in a hospital.



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