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Home from Omaha!!


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I made it back from Omaha in one piece with no major side effects from the chemo treatment I had before I left!. Had a great time at the show, did some good business, saw some friends that I may not get a chance to see again..............all in all I would say it was a wonderful trip!

Glad to be home though and looking forward to catching up here.

Looks like it has been a busy week (aren't they all??).

Prayers and good thought headed you to each of you!

God Bless,


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You are my hero! I am so inspired by you. Hey, you even motivated me to go to the movies by myself! Jack didn't want to go. I refuse to sit around and wait. I am thinking of planning a trip somewhere on my own. Jack works for a radio station broadcasting games on the weekends. So I need to get out and do more stuff by myself. Jack seldom likes to do what I like. He hates crowds and shopping. We drove all the way to Wash. D.C. and he stopped short of entering into the city and said...."I can watch it on tv!" See what I am up against? So, It would probably be more fun by my self....or he would stay in the car and wait-seriously.So as much as I love this man, he also drives me batty. He hates crowds. I don't mind them. We are planning a trip after May to Europe. He is actually excited about that trip. Glad your back



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