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Candel Therapeutics (Stage III/IV NSCLC) TRIAL INFO


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Candel Therapeutics

Do you have Stage III/IV NSCLC, and are currently stable on your first immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment?

There may be a clinical trial for you! Visit the link below for more information and ask your doctor if this might be a good fit.



Study site in your area: The University of Connecticut

Principal Investigator:    Omar Ibrahim, MD

Study Site Contact:         Quratulain (Annie) Ali


[email protected] 


Study site in your area: The University of Chicago

Principal Investigator:    Christine Bestvina, MD

Study Site Contact:         John Ryan De Leon


[email protected]ago.edu   


Study site in your area: The University of Maryland, Baltimore

Principal Investigator:    Ranee Mehra, MD

Study Site Contact:         Maha Khalil


[email protected]


Study site in your area: NYU Langone Health

Principal Investigator:    Daniel H. Sterman, MD FCCP, ATSF

Study Site Contact:         Alexa Brady


[email protected]

Tasfiq Ullah


[email protected]


Study site in your area: Cleveland Clinic

Principal Investigator:    Pradnya Patil, MD

Study Site Contact:         Ellen Loftus


[email protected]


Study site in your area: The University of Pennsylvania

Principal Investigator:   Charu Aggarwal, MD, MPH

Study Site Contact:         Melissa Volpe


 [email protected]


Study site in your area: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Principal Investigator:   Fabien Maldonado, MD

Study Site Contact:         Clinical Trials Information Program


 [email protected]


Study site in your area: The University of Utah

Principal Investigator:   Sonam Puri, MD

Study Site Contact:         Kaitlin Stephens


 [email protected]



Study site in your area: Virginia Commonwealth University

Principal Investigator:   Sarah Gordon, D.O.

Study Site Contact:         Rebecca Ellis


 [email protected]


Study site in your area: Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center

Principal Investigator:   Peter Lee, MD

Study Site Contact:         Krista Chafin


 [email protected]


Additional Notes: (*Hunter Holmes is a VA center and only treats veterans)

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