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Consult with radiation oncologist at UTSW


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I had a phone consult today with Dr. Iyengar at UTSW--he works with Dr. Timmerman there. I wanted to find out about the PULSAR therapy discussed here: https://forums.lungevity.org/topic/48886-the-next-big-thing-in-lung-cancer-radiation/ Dr. Iyengar was terrific. He'd reviewed a lot of my records and scans and had me fill in on what he didn't have.

The good news is that he thinks I could be a good candidate for PULSAR, with or without immunotherapy. He agreed with Dr. Hong (TIL trial doc) that it made the most sense to go ahead with the immunotherapy trial at Penn first (which I will go over with my oncologist tomorrow) and hold the radiation in reserve for the moment. But he said if this trial didn't work--or stopped working--to shoot him a line and they'd work to get me in right away. He also believed I'd be eligible for the trial they were doing with PULSAR combined with Durvalumab. Barring that, he was pretty sure they could come up with a way to treat me with radiation plus immunotherapy of some kind--he mentioned Opdivo.

It's always sort of a relief when the doctors are more or less in agreement--makes it easier to make a decision. So for right now, barring unknown factors, I'm probably going to go with the Penn trial for now.


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Hey Lexie,

Glad you have a plan of action.  Also sounds like you have alternative options if need be.  Always good to have something in your back pocket!  

Good Luck and keep us posted how it’s going.  I’m rooting for you!!


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Thanks for the update.  I'm thrilled that you have different options and you can go "in order" to them as needed.  Like you, I also like it when my doctors are in agreement.  It can really reduce anxiety and doubt.  I look forward to your updates.


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This type of decision is filled with angst as part of the wild frontier- it’s very reassuring when the medical team is lining up the options when they’re on the same page.  What’s the next step at Penn?   I’m sure Dr S is going to miss you and will definitely keep a close eye.  It’s great to have terrific treatment teams available to you locally.  

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