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Another successful OC appointment


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I had a four month checkup with my oncologist yesterday. This visit was with a simple chest X-ray.

Still NEvidence of Disease. 

My next appointment is in four months with a CT Scan.

My huge appreciation to you all for the answers to some really tough questions.

My weight through all this was a drop from #235 to #150. I can't say why. It might be all the healthy meals we make coupled to a waning appetite. 

My brother who is suffering from NSCLC,  is down from #145 to #113. He is on immunotherapy treatments. I'm really worried about him. He lives in AK and I haven't been able to fly up there because the their strident  rules throughout the pandemic. I hope they get it smoothed out in 2022.




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This is great news and I pray it keeps up this way for you.  Sorry to hear about your brother, but hopefully he'll respond to treatment as well as you have.


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Hey Glenn,

That’s great news for you!   You’re correct to be concerned about your brother’s weight loss.  My weight was in a free fall when first diagnosed. The dietitian had me eat a lot of protein, healthy fats (walnuts & almonds) and a whopping 100 calories an hour on top of three good size meals.   It was tough to do having to eat with no appetite but it did the job.  Now with targeted therapy I have the reverse problem.  

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Glenn that is amazing news.  I got that news as well and although I’m relieved, I still feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Is it like this with every scan?   I even cancelled a thyroid biopsy because I just don’t want to know.  I’d like to hang on to the good news from the last scan 


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It can be.  I had my last scan in August.  All was well and my Oncologist told me we were not going to annual scans.  I was thrilled about the outcome, but now I'm nervous because it is so long between scans.  When I let it get away from me (anxiety) I just cycle back to being grateful to be NED and living the life I've been given.  Congrats on your news and who knows if there is another shoe...let's cross that bridge when we get there.


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