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Hi, I am seeing the various meetups ("Coffee Talk; "Wednesday Wisdom," etc.
Can you tell me the time zones applicable to the meetup times? Not sure if it is Pacific, Eastern...
Thanks! ~joana

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Sure, to make it easy, I'll give you the time for the Pacific Time Zone.

Monday: 9 AM PST. Zoom join meeting detail below.



Meeting ID: 979 4879 4600

Passcode: 948515

Wednesday: 9 AM PST. Zoom join meeting detail below.


Meeting ID: 916 0442 7712

Passcode: 444518

Friday Lunch Bunch: 10:30 AM PST. Zoom join meeting detail below.


Meeting ID: 965 9607 7402

Password: 961826

Friday Happy Hour: 3:30 PM PST. Zoom join meeting detail below>


Meeting ID: 996 1558 1528

Passcode: 455982

Topics and additional meet-ups occur from week-to-week. Therefore it is best to email Nokole Ventrca (nventrca@lungevity.org) and ask to be included in her weekly email announcement of scheduled and special meetings.

Stay the course.



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