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I/Os for PDL1/-1


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Can anybody tell me if one I/O for PDL1 checkpoint didn’t work, does that mean all of them won’t work for a given patient?  They keep coming out with new ones.  I’m told they all work the same.  If that is the case why do we keep seeing more reports on different ones? 

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To restate, your question is if one immunotherapy checkpoint inhibitory did not work on an individual, then all won't work on that individual. Is that correct? First, understand I am not a physician, but I believe the answer to your question is no. Here is information on immunotherapy and in particular checkpoint inhibitors. 

Stay the course.


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I just talked with my oncologist about my next immunotherapy. I had Keytruda as part of the triplet (with Alimta and carboplatin) and had progression after switching to maintenance doses. Then did a clinical trial of TIL therapy (another form of immunotherapy) and after an initially great response, again had progression. 

On the table today were Opdivo + Yervoy, Keytruda alone, or Tecentriq alone. Even though they are similar, they aren't identical, plus my doc felt it had been long enough since my last Keytruda infusion that it might be worth trying again. Ultimately, we settled on Tecentriq, which targets PDL1 (Keytruda and, I believe, Opdivo target PD1). 

I think the immune system is a funny thing. All kinds of things affect it and my doctor says sometimes with a break in between, something that didn't work perfectly before might work again. They are still figuring this stuff out. 

Incidentally, my doc is also gonna prescribe an antihistamine on the "couldn't hurt to try" theory, given the recent research that certain antihistamines can enhance immunotherapy.

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Thanks Tom.  I will take a look at your reference.  Based upon the article I just read, see title below, it does suggest not much meaningful difference between them.  I understand combinations of CTLA-4 and PD-1 are showing some response even in non-PDL1 expressed patients.     The system wont let me attach in or send a link.  :(


Looking for the Optimal PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitor in Cancer Treatment: A Comparison in Basic Structure, Function, and Clinical Practice - PubMed (nih.gov)


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Does anybody have any data or reports on CD66B as a bio marker?  I have seen an short article on it being an indicator of poor Immunotherapy response in patients with NSCLC.   


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