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CT scan tomorrow morning


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Hi Jack-

So sorry to hear about this latest update.  What we’re seeing is immunotherapy can be hit or miss and what’s frustrating is that no one knows why (yet).  
Crizotinib is as you know also a ALK inhibitor.  Works better in other mutations like MET & ROS1.  It’s far better tolerated than immunotherapy.  Less complicated to manage as well. 

You’re such a great researcher, one of the issues I would evaluate is if a lose dose chemo/targeted therapy combo is an option.  Crizotinib doesn’t pass the blood brain barrier (in ALK) so I would be asking your team for their thoughts on this. 


It’s an understatement to say the news is disappointing, but encouraging to know there are options on the horizon. 

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Dang it. No one wants that kind of news. I'm impressed that your oncologist consulted with another oncologist. That bodes well for an effective treatment plan. 

Fingers crossed,


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