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An interesting article about a cancer survivor


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Hi all,  I read an inspiring article in today's Washington Post about a woman who is living with and continuing treatment for Stage 4 ovarian cancer. It follow her life from the time of her diagnosis a couple of years ago to the present. Great photos, too. 

A quote from her that I particularly like:

 “I see myself fighting in a different way,” she said. “My life isn’t about beating cancer, my life is going to be how do I live with cancer. And the more I can learn to dance with this, the more gracefully I dance with it, the longer I will live.”

I recommend the article, which is titled " A dance not a war: One woman's resolve to beat cancer during covid". You may be able to get it on line.

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Wow!  This woman is amazing.  I wonder if I would have the courage and stamina to go through what she is going through.  Inspiring.


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