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Metastatic adenocarcinoma with it in fingers


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My mom presented with a swollen hand with pain a few months ago. After many tests we found it is cancer in the bone of her two fingers with the primary location in her lung. Met with oncologist today, they are running all the tests to see if they can do targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemo and possibly radiation to the hand just to help with her pain. Her only symptoms are pain in her hand and weight loss. Her lungs surprisingly sound clear. 
They say it’s very rare for it to go to the bones in her fingers. Does anyone have any positive stories with this type of cancer? I am not ready to lose my mom.

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I'm sorry that your mom has this. I've never heard of lung cancer mets to the fingers, and I don't even know if normal scans would pick that up. 

Once all her test results come back, your mom's type of lung cancer and whether she has a targetable genetic mutation can be determined, and a treatment plan will be developed. There are treatment options, so try not to worry too much (I know, easier said than done). Please let us know what all the test results say. 

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Very sorry to hear about you Mom, u til they tell you more about what you are facing stay positive for her, be supportive and listen when wants to talk. Even if what she want to talk about is hard it will mean th world to her.  My daughters. Do this for me and they are my steel magnolias - my shoulders to lean from a women’s perspective. Will be praying your Mom, you and family. 🙏❤️

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