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Nsclc diagnosed on 12/9/21


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My son age 33 was diagnosed with Nsclc adenocarcinoma via biospy taken from liver on 12/3. On 12/9 pathology showed nsclc of lung metalized to femer and liver.

Have mri scheduled for 12/24 of Brain and pancreas. Test for biomarkers sent on 12/13 waiting for results.

We are kaiser patients therefore can seek 2nd opinion from within kaiser network to be insured 

Today we sought out 2nd opinion from City of Hope in Duarte, Ca. Because City of Hope is out of Kaiser network payment is out of pocket


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Hi Treesnaka,  I'm sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis. I have Kaiser also and want to share an experience with you. I 've had 3 different primary cancers. My third was a Stage 1 NSLSC requiring only surgery. However, my second one was an advanced and aggressive rare type of gynecologic cancer.  I wasn't entirely comfortable with my medical oncologist's approach and I wanted a second opinion. I ran into the "only within the network" restriction.  It didn't make a lot of sense to me to get a second opinion from someone who was essentially an office mate of my doctor. So  I sought a second opinion from a gyn-onc at Oregon Health Sciences University, who was experienced with rare gyn cancers.   The OHSU doctor recommended some specific chemo, in additition to what the Kaiser doc was doing. I could afford the opinion, but not to self-pay for treatment.  I advocated for my Kaiser doc to do as the OHSU doc  recommended and she agreed, so I had that treatment. I have been NED (no evidence of disease) since the end of my treatment 10 years ago.

So I'm definitely a fan of second opinions. Best of luck to your son. 

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