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Here's my article

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Thanks, Curtis! I took stats courses that were designed for epidemiology majors, and it's hard translating into behavioral research sometimes. Right now, my chair wants me to analyze my regressions for evidence of suppression - PM me if you've got any advice. Thanks!! :D

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I taught undergrad math classes in grad school. When I started, I was a TA with little control--I just basically did review sessions and graded quizzes. By the time I left grad school, I was teaching all over the curriculum; writing my own syllabus and all that. I had more supervision than I would have as a professor, but not much. I am not certified to teach middle of high school math--never took an education course in my life.


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Guest pat mc


What a wonderful article, you are a very courageous person. I also feel that I know you a little better and am really looking forward to reading your posts. Please keep the board updated on your progress. You are in my prayers.

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In addition to showing everyone (including us--who already had a pretty good sense) what a strong and incredible person you are--------think of all the people who read that article who now know more about LC!!! Every student/facultymember/staff member you come into contact with is now FAR better informed. Think about how many people they, in turn, may educate and help.

I only wish I had read an article like that 6 mos ago! I can only give thanks that there are others who may benefit.

Thank you!!!


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