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Dad's brain CT scan (with contrast) report


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If you don't mind, could you please tell me what you understand from my dad's brain CT (with contrast) report dated March 1st ? Or if you will meet your oncologist, it will be highly appreciated if you could ask them for advice. From this report, I don't know whether my dad has brain tumor relapse or purely haemorrhage (bleeding into the brain), especially the bold letters I don't understand. Can you help?

Thank you so much. The neurosurgeon will most likely to do another craniotomy for my dad on this Friday.



CLINICAL DATA: Known small cell CA lung with chemotherapy done, prophylactic cranial RT given in 10/03. Right occipital brain secondary with craniotomy and excision on 9/1/2004, c/o headache, CT brain showed tumour haemorrhage or recurrence.


Previous CT brain (plain)done on 11/1/2004 was compared.

Right occipital craniotomy.

New patchy hyperdense lesions are seen in the right occipital lobe, showing no significant contrast enhancement. The hypodense white matter oedema has increased in extent comparing with the previous study. Abnormal contrast enhancement with no definite focal mass seen along the tentorium, dura and in the overlying scalp could be post-operative changes.

Mass effect is noted on the occipital horn. No midline shift is seen.

Ventricles are not dilated.


Post-operative changes in the right occipital region.

New hyperdense lesions in the right occipital lobe could be represent residual tumour or haemorrhage

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I know you are anxious to get a reply to your post and you probably notice that I am the 12th to view it. So why hasn't someone replied? Probably because they are like me and think it best left up to someone who knows more about interpreting the medical language. Have patience, I'm sure someone will reply.


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sounds to me like they are seeing some post surgical changes, and then an area that is either 1) "residual" (meaning "left over"- implying that there would have to have been shrinkage) or 2) a hemorrage (which could be from radiation I would think)

thats the way I interpet it....

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Thank you very much for your replies.

Actually, I only wish to know what's going on ASAP that I came to you all. Today we will meet the neurosurgeon.

I also sent this report to the private oncologist and he answered me that this report result could not differentiate between tumor recurrence and bleeding. MRI will help but as he said the neurosurgeon will find it if they decided to go in.

Prayers are needed. Thank you and best wishes to all of you.

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