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Great News (I think)


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Hey everyone, wanted to give an update to some test results I got on my mother yesterday and see if someone can clarify if this is all good news or not. My mother had a pet scan last week to make sure the cancer has not spread. She has surgery scheduled for March 16, and if it had spread it was going to be cancelled. So the Pet Scan showed that the tumor in her left lung is completely gone. The chemo got rid of it. The tumor in her right lung shrunk significantly. They did say that two ribs have to be removed. I believe this is because the remaining tumor is a Pancoast tumor, so it has attached itself to the rib cage. Maybe someone can tell me if I am wrong about this. So all in all, one lobe will be removed as well as two ribs. Is it really good news that the other tuomr is gone? Does that mean it responded excellent to the chemo and radiation? Or is it just a matter of time before it returns? We are very excited and this all seems great, but I would like some feedback. Has anyone ever had a rib or two removed? I am wondering how painful that will be. But as I told my mother, she could have been given such horrible news yesterday I feel this is reason to celebrate. I am trying to make her see the positive side of this, and to not feel sorry for herself that her ribs will be removed. I told her there are thousands of people who would do anything to be in her shoes.

Also, I believe they are considering placing radiation pellets at the lung where the tumor has disappeared. This will be done during the surgey, to kill any lingering cells. Does anyone know much about this?

Thanks guys.

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Your mom should celebrate her good fortune.

Not a big deal to be out a rib or two. I'm out five.

If it's a structural thing they put in a bit of goretex, which is pretty stiff.

She's liable to be a little sore -- pulled muscle or arthritic type sore -- for a good long time-- due to the clipped ribs, but it's a small price to pay.

As far as seeding the other area, it's been done for other cancer types, most commonly as far as I am aware, prostate and breast cancer. Not a new procedure at all, and very effective, better for the rest of the lung area than general radiation as there is less radiation scatter and more concentration of the good effects.

Wishing your mom well and good luck for surgery,



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