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Speech isssues


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Almost two months after PCI my brother's health declined especially the last week.

Severe nausea and could not eat because of it.

He had aan ultrasound to the abdomen which was clear.

But today, he was having issues speaking, he could not get the words out, for about 5 minutes. After which he was fine.

I fear metastases...or hopefully side effects of the cranial irradiation.

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Like you I and hoping it is a short lived side effects from PCI. These are common after these procedures. I'm not sure symptoms of nausea and loss of appetite are connected with PCI. A clear ultrasound is a good sign, but what about a CT scan to rule out metastasis to the chest and abdomen? You might ask your brother to consult with his doctor about a CT scan.

Stay the course.




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We scheduled CT scan for chest and abdomen for next week, a little bit ealrier then the expected control scan.

Probably a visit to the oncologist in about 10 days or so.

He seems better today, compared to the entire previous week.

Bloodwork has been good too. Only two values just below the range.

Covid negative.

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Just as an update, my brother is feeling much better. Appetite is back again and more foods he can tolerate.

We actually went to a specialist who provided better therapy for gastritis. Instead of pentaprazole he recommended esomeprazole which is documented to help significantly better. He also advised on foods and sleeping positions.

His mood is up as well.

Waiting for the CT scan date.

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Dear Bro!

I just catched your post about the side affects due to cranial irradiation. I think it's worth mentioning that my mom got subacute side affects after 6-8 weeks with impaird speech and trouble talkinh, with eqilibrium and movement, also nausa and blurred vision. No cranial meta, just a really great deal of edema. It cleared with Medrol injections and tablets in about 2 weeks and my mom is just the same since, maybe a little dark humoured. This was 2 years ago. I read somewhere at the time that little children can get these side affects from radiation and that it is very rare in adults. So maybe something similair might be afoot with your brother. 

Take care!


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Hi Kata,

Thank you for your input.

My brother is feeling much better now and we just got good news from the latest scans.

There is no new development and shows signs of regression.

There is a reduction in the atelectasis which was in the middle lobe.

There are still many foods that he cannot tolerate, like meat. He also forgets stuff, short term memory, but nothing serious at this stage.


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