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High altitude destinations


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I can remember being at a height of 11,000 many years ago and swearing I would die before the end of the 4-day meeting.  But I adjusted in time and was fine.  You'll be at 6k feet about 1.2 miles altitude so you will feel some effect, but here are a couple of tips.  

  1. Keep drinking to a minimum.  it can increase the chance of altitude sickness.
  2. Take it easy the first day or so.  Don't strain or do things beyond what your comfortable with.
  3. Drink plenty of water, higher altitudes tend to also be drier and you'll be dehydrating and, (once again), that can contribute to altitude discomfort.
  4. If you do get winded don't panic.  Just take it easy and sip on some water.  You'll soon feel better

I'm assuming your second floor is a problem after you climb steps.  As I said, take it easy the first day or two.  In my case we we're at a ski resort with two-level apartments.  I thought it was ridiculous to take an elevator up one flight so I grabbed my bags and went up on foot.  I was super breathless when I got to our floor.  And all this was pre-cancer and at a much higher altitude than you will be at.  

Take it easy, stay hydrated, limit alcohol and stay calm... Lastly, have fun.


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I agree with Lou's advice and can add that caffeine may contribute to altitude problems (I know this from experience, also pre-cancer). You can also buy canned oxygen at Walmart, so that may be an option. 

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