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Hello Friends. I started back to work 4 days/week two weeks ago! I was terrified that I wouldn’t have the stamina because I’m so used to taking naps in the afternoon. But, green tea after lunch is my great solution and it doesn’t keep me awake at night. I was also terrified that too many things had changed in a mere 18 months with computer work and, honestly, there seemed to be a great sense of vulnerability. I’m feeling more confident and things are coming back - the first couple of days I felt slow and stupid. Back in the saddle for now - yeehaw!  

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Great! Go get 'em, Scruboak!. I've had three different primary cancers and each time I thought maybe now I was "really retired", but after treatment for each one, I ended up going back to work. Now with the pandemic, I am a bit concerned about Omicron, but working really helps my mood (as well as my budget).  I hope you find the same.

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