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After a long wait, I finally got the results back from my biopsy! They have discovered that I now have a combination of small cell and non-small cell going on in my liver (and lymph node in neck). Non small cell "appears" to be poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma.

We will continue with the topotecan and see what happens from here!!

Thanks for all your prayers and the love and concern that have been shown! I do so appreciate it.

God Bless,


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Well don't know what to say except keep on keeping on. Did the Dr say it was unusual to have both? I have seen several people on "board" who have more than one primary --of different types I guess. Maybe John can do some research and find if there is some "standard" or experimental treatment for this "combo." You seem to be strong, so that's what matters today.

Thinking of you


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The one person mentioned rfa, which I think would be an excellent idea to look into. However, my experience with that procedure so far is to move quickly in trying to get set up for it. I kept waiting on the lung procedure because the internet says that the tumors have to be between 2 cm. and 3 cms. and I don't think that is correct. When the rfa surgeon looked at my CT he was like he could take care of any tumors he could see. It can be a lengthy process and you can continue to do chemo while you pursue it I just want people to be aware they need to consider it early on due to waiting lists, referral paperwork, finding appropriate doctors, etc. Good luck.

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MO Sugar,

This is not a case of "two is better than one!" :( I'm sorry to hear about the new development. Just means you have more enemies to fight, but I know you'll rise to the demands. Here's hoping you find weapons that will fight them both, causing as little interruption to your busy life as possible. You're in my prayers,


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Mo -

This is NOT the time to prove you're different!

Geez, woman.

Kick some butt with your chemo - don't forget mental imaging......imagine it melting away those bad cells as it's being pumped in to your body.

Take care,

Hugs and prayers,


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