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Holy wow.... If you don't groove with your oncologist, find another one!


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I'm in the surveillance stage of my cancer journey having finished treatment in November. I was really starting to fall out of love with my onc doc about halfway through my adjuvant chemo sessions. Won't go into detail but things that happened at my appointment after my first post treatment scan finally pushed me over the edge.

Met with my new oncologist today. Wowee. Night and day. I feel seen and I feel heard. I also like the approach of treating the whole person vs just the disease. I also like someone that doesn't gloss over things (or completely ignore them!).

My last scan was clean save for a notation of high grade aortoiliac disease seen in my left common iliac artery. Angioplasty next Thursday. I'll take that over cancer any day. :) 

Anywhoo... cannot emphasise this enough. If you've lost confidence in your doc, find someone else. 

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Great advice on making sure our treatment team is one we trust in and have confidence that they see and hear us when needed.  Sorry to hear about the stent, but it surely is better than cancer.  Congratulations on the progress.


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