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Finally NED


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So, after a dificult month of nausea, weakness, IVs etc. finally some good news for my brother.

With the last CT scan the oncologist said that there is no evidence of the disease😀.She took quite a while to get through the CD with the scan.

Ever since the diagnosis of my brother's sclc once I started educating myself on it, I found the NED status to be the holy grail in battling lc.

Of course there is always the chance of recurrence but just as much chances that it doesn't. While the statistics for sclc are grim, I've noticed that all battles are individual. One can do whatever possible to remain clear with healthy lifestyle, stress free, avoid dust and poluted air, cigarettes etc. and the rest is up to God I suppose, or perhaps destiny. Whatever comes.

The oncologist recommended to visit the gastroenterologist again to get help with the nausea, and more active lifestyle. My brother is still recovering from the January episode, but he is getting his strength back and can drive on his own now. His hair is starting to grow back as well, kind of mossy and white with few black spots.

Next check up is in three months.



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