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The Passion of the Christ

Joe B

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Gina & I went and viewed "The Passion of the Christ" Monday night..... I have to tell you it was probably one of the most moving films I have ever witnessed.....

The Armaic, Greek, and Latin orginal languages used, combined with the authenticity of the scenes made it seem very real.....

I do not belive that this is a movie for children, however. It is graphic. Mel Gibson wanted to depict Christs suffering as real as possible, and he did just that. And it was pretty brutal, no doubt. He did provide "escape" flashback scenes for the audience, so as to make it easier ....

Still I left numb and deeply moved, and with a true sense of awe at what He did for me...and it made me ask myself "what have I done for Him?"... i have a real desire to put Him first......

I Do recommend it to all......

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I have yet to see it. My 2 daughters have gone, 17 and 24. They both were moved. They said the same thing, kids under 12-13 would be frightened. I am amazed how Hollywood can put a pg-13 on some of the the most vulger movies but for this it gets an R rating due to the violence. Some movies have gratuitous violence. The Passion's violence was real and not out of place. Oh well, I will leave the coding of movies to them. I don't go to often anyways. 8)

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Two days ago I went to see this movie and the one word that discribes it best for me is powerful. I sat there unable to move with tears on my cheeks as Christ was brutalized. Each blow of the hammer or each lash of the whip felt as if it were aimed at me and I flinched. I left there feeling very humble.

All of our lives we hear how Christ suffered and died for us still we never really understand what that means. We are so used to the words the meaning of them gets lost. I can understand in some ways why it is rated R but still a part of me thinks that maybe younger people at least 10 and over should see it. Maybe seeing the suffering of Christ will teach them what compassion is and keep them from enjoying the violence that has become so much a part of our modern society.

I strongly recommend that anyone who has not seen this movie go see it now while it is in the theaters. I think when it comes to vidio it will lose some of the impact it has. It should be seen on a screen that shows it bigger than life because that is what it is all about. A love that is bigger than life. In this world of selfishness that we live in maybe we all need to learn what that kind of love is.

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I saw the movie today -- W O W !!! Powrful. I did not have dry eyes when coming out of the theater. I was overwhelmed with the very grateful feeling of how much the Lord endured -- for me! Taking holy communion and celebrating Easter are two events that I will now experience at a deeper level from now on. Thanks for the recommendation. Don

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