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Last radiotherapy completed


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As I left a tray of Danish pastries for the radio staff, and handed back the hospital gown I have used for 35 sessions over 8 weeks I got a bit emotional. It has been really draining, and there have been days where I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But here I am with only minuscule side effects. The last three rounds of SABR were really agonising due to the position I had to hold my arms/shoulders, and the daily waits have been tiring. But my gosh - I am so grateful for the free, friendly and top-of-the line treatment we are given here in the UK. I am now given a three-week break before I go back on Keytruda.

Thank you also to people on here who have checked in and been supportive through this part of my treatment journey.

I’ll have a nap with the cat, a glass of wine and an early night ❤️


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What a great way to show gratefulness for the treatments the people provided.  I'm so glad that you got through with few side-effects and can't want to hear about the scans you will undoubtedly have in the future.  I look forward to good news.  Enjoy the break and I bow to your strength and courage.


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You are welcome 😊. For some reason the fatigue has now hit me like a sledge hammer. Opening the door for the cat, emptying the dishwasher, going upstairs - each action feels like an enormous project. Went to hairdresser yesterday, and had to sleep for two hours to recover (it’s 20mins walk each way). I am not surprised given the assault of radiation over 8 weeks, but a bit of a shame now that I finally have a bit of time off to do other things and weather is lovely. X

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Thank you Judy,

I have been well enough to do a little trip to Denmark to see my elderly mum, her sister and my dad. It has been weighing on me that the last time I saw her was to break the news of my diagnosis and I think she desperately needed to see me doing just fine. I am still ridiculously tired and sleeping 12 hours a night plus a daytime kip but no longer feeling poorly. So yeah, I know it’ll pass (and eating lots of protein 😊). As always, you guys are such a wonderful support.

Thank you, Rikke

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