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Nervous about brain MRI


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I have a brain MRI scheduled for this Wednesday (3 days) and am very nervous given my claustrophobia. My oncologist prescribed an anti-anxiety med so I am helping that helps.

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I too am not comfortable inside an MRI machine and will do my best to avoid it.  But, with an anti-anxiety dose and wearing a sleep mask (they usually provide them, you should be very comfortable.  Relax and let the "miracle of medicine" and a sleep mask (bring your own if you have one) make it an easy test for you.


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I've had several brain MRIs. Each time, I've taken lorazepam beforehand. The second time I did not take it in time to reach peak release (or whatever it's called) so you might want to see what you're being prescribed and look up how long it takes to reach its maximum effect. 

Gotta say, I didn't have a care in the world either time. The second time, I got home and announced, "Well, I don't see what the big deal is. I could have driven myself" and my family burst out laughing. I can see why people get hooked on it-- it's just lovely....

I also brought a sleep mask that was lavender-scented and was soft and lovely to have over my eyes. (I asked permission to use it-- they are careful about what they allow.) If they'd preferred I didn't use it, I would have asked for a cloth to put over my eyes. Then, even if I opened my eyes-- which, believe me, I wouldn't have wanted to-- I wouldn't see anything anyway. 

It's not my favorite thing to do, but what the heck. Gotta do what you gotta do. You can do it and you'll be fine. 



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Funny story. Doctor prescribed meds for me to take 30 minutes before procedure, which I did. Radiology tech called me in 25 minutes early! My meds did not even have a chance to kick in.  I did very well and apparently did not need them. I actually found the noises quite entertaining. They reminded me of pounding on the keys of my grandmother's organ as a kid, or a really bad punk band. LOL There were a couple that had a pretty good rhythm, almost urging me to tap my toes. 


The tech said my "photos are beautiful. Nothing exciting going on in there, if you know what I mean." I received a call a few days later that my brain MRI was fine.

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