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Supraclavicular enlarged nodes


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It turns out the happy news didn't last too long for my brother's NED.

After review on the scans of the neck region, the doctor found 2 enlarged nodes, 25mm each.

Visit to the oncologist on Tuesday.

I am hoping that it is not the cancer, but hopes are slim at this point.

Anyone with any experience on such occurances?


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Second dosage of chemotherapy tomorrow, irinotekan 100mg.

Brother says that he can feel the lymph nodes are shrinking, which meand it is still sensitive to chemotherapy.

Does not seem that any tissue is involved, hoping it will be sufficient only to be treated with chemotherapy.

Blood results are good.

@KatieBi I am not aware of such tests in my country, unfortunately immunotherapy is not available for sure.

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Hello.  I come from Vietnam.  My mother just finished chemotherapy after 4 months with conventional chemotherapy + tecentriq.  Everything is fine, very nice, the tumor is down to 90% and continuing to maintain with tecentriq every 3 weeks.  The cost is huge and insurance doesn't cover it.  The reason is that in Vietnam, people still do not put their trust in drugs whose effects have not been proven to be beneficial, for all patients.  Most immunosuppressants are like that.  So, crank back, it all depends on the unique condition of the patient.  It doesn't always work and for everyone.  If it's not there in Macedonia, it's not something to be afraid of.  However, the good news is that your brother is in the limited stage, it can be maintained very far, my mother is in the metastatic stage.  Let's nurture hopes and live the best days.  With our family. Please pray for us.

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An update.

My brother is feeling great at this point.

He is receiving the 4th cycle (cycle: 3 weeks, once weekly, cisplatin+irinotekan, irinotekan, irinotekan, one week rest).

The funny thing is just after the first therapy of the second cycle he got covid. He did not have much trouble with that, just some vitamins and check ups, but he missed the 2nd and 3rd therapy.

I said funny thing because after covid he stopped having any issues with nausea and intolerance to some foods. His diet improved greatly. I don't know how covid works, but that was a nice side effect. 😀

After the 4th cycle ends, he will have radiation (10 fractions) for the supraclavicular nodes, which are not enlarged now. 

Oncologist did not asked for any scans now. Will check with her before radiation starts.




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It has been a while since I visited around here.

My brother is doing fine after the last chemotherapy. Eating well, no issues with nausea or other symptoms. Driving on his own, which he does even when he was going for chemo, but it is a long road and I'd take him to chemo.

No scans have been made since the last CT scan in February, and that worries me a bit.

In 2 weeks he is going for a radiotherapy simulation, and then on 15th of August starting with radiation, 10 fractions aimed at the supraclavicular nodes that use to be enlarged. I really hope 10 fractions and the lower intensity will not cause much side effects.

Anyway, he's been having quite a good periods of no worries 2 weeks now, and a month ahead.

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Completed the radiation treatment,  10 fractions on supraclavicular region rigth side.

No adverse effects so far.

Control CT scans, neck, lungs and abdomen in 2 months.

Brother is feeling just fine, driving and other daily tasks on his own.

Eating is back to normal and even weight is back again to pre-cancer levels, which might be slightly overweight actually :-).

He still takes some meds for the stomach, nolpasa, sometimes valium and now second time this year royal jelly as imunity booster.

Hoping for some good news in two months.

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