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MRI shows shrinkage


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Hi everybody,

I went to get my MRI results today to see what whole brain radiation had done for me and it shows shrinkage in all 3 mets to the brain..The original scan was a CAT scan done at an emergency room at another hospital and my rad onc compared it to the MRI done yesterday.He did not have all the info from the other hospital that he needed as yet but will have in the next couple of days.He said that it looked like the big tumor went from 3cmx4cm down to 2cmx2.5 cm.This still sounds big to me but it is shrinkage and he said there is no swelling or edema so I take it as good news.I just wish I felt better to celebrate.He is going to continue with the chest radiation and I am going to try to get into a GVAX trial.Love to you all and thanks for your prayers.TBone

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Great news on the shrinkage. Hard to celebrate while you are still battling the monster. But each successfully won battle deserves some kind of celebration even if it is a good cry of happiness or a happy sigh of relief or prayer of thanks to God.

You and yours are in my prayers.


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WTG TBone,

You are in my prayers each day and let us know about the GVAX Trial please. Keep on shrinkin those mets. I just had an MRI Wednesday. Get results Monday. Been dizzy and a little nausea. Still have appetite. Hope it's not a met. Thank you Jesus. I'm really scared...

Take care and Blessings from So. California, You have a great family...


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Yeah for Shrinkage! We are rushing for "Empty Headed Pledges.!" Always looking to expand the membership to this club. May those pesky brain mets keep on shrinking! Thats why you feel so puney, just think of the radiation still continuing to work!


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