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second craniotomy


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my dad will have the second craniotomy tomorrow morning (Friday here, should be around nightime of your Thursday).

The chef neurosurgeon met us today and told from CT scan, it showed a recurrent brain tumor and some bleeding etc. The surgery time will not be long as last time and they will remove more brain tissue that seems to be normal for preventing the recurrence. So the most possible side effect of the surgery is both eyes' corner vision will be permanently damaged.

If there is part of the tumor not removed completely, they will do the Gamma Knife afterwards.

Please do keep my dad in your prayers and hope he is strong enough to cope with this surgery. The most important is, the craniotomy could remove all the brain tumor and cancerous cells there.

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My dear friends, the craniotomy was done and my dad is now in the process of recovery. Thanks God. We didn't meet the neurosurgeon since after surgery. So now I am waiting to meet them and I guess a CT or X-ray will be done for evaluation.

These few days, my dad has the chest pain in his right chest. I have a bad feeling about this as his lung tumor is in his right side of lung. What do you think about this? The first thing come to my mind is, this may be caused by the lung tumor or the ribs mets or something else. Anyway, I will request to see oncologist few days later for this and see what follow-up treatment could be done for post-craniotomy. He started to cough few days before but the cough is not frequent. He has some sputum but the color is a bit yellow. We hope this is only a flu and doctor had made a chest x-ray one day before the craniotomy.

He is now quite depressed as i think the steriod still affects him, I hope he could be discharged and return home ASAP as he is now in the same ward with those very serious-ill patients that some of them are in coma and some were died and be sent away from his ward. He saw everything!!! How can he think positive with nothing to do during daytime.

A thanksgiving thing is, my dad told me he believes in Jesus and he prayed and prays. He requests me to bring him CD walkman to listening some hymns. I praise GOD and this is a great mercy. He wants to see the Chaplin as well.

Thank you for all your special prayers and thoughts and GOD listens. I really thank you all of you and am so proud of all of you that you guys are heros in my heart.

You all are in my prayers and thoughts.

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I am sorry I didn't see this post earlier, but I knew about your father's surgery from a chain of replies on a previous post, so I have been praying steadily for good results for the past few days.

I am so thankful to God on many fronts for you. I am so thankful your father came through surgery well. I am so Thankful that he found Jesus and can find hope and strength in God.

I will continue my prayers for you both and pray that this pain in his lungs and his symptoms are a virus or infection and not cancer.

You are such a wonderful and loving daughter and I am sure your father finds comfort and strength in you. He must be so proud.

God Bless you Berisa


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Continuing to pray for your dad...healing and a more positive environment for him. That's great that he has found his way to the Lord and is being uplifted with spiritual music. You are such a fantastic daughter.

God bless~

Karen M.

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