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Totally off subject - but need you


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To all my friends - I know this is not the appropriate place to be asking this, but I am at the end of my rope, and I need help. My son, Michael, who is 16 years old, is struggling with substance abuse. We became aware of the problem @ 6 mnths ago, and thought we had it under control, but we were very wrong. Mike is very depressed and despondant, he is under a counselors care, but it is very bad. The story is a long one, and I don't have the strength to write it down, but I would appreciate any prayers that you can offer to help my son and my family pull through this episode. I am at the end of my rope and just need to know I have your prayers behind us. Much Love, Sharon

God Bless us all

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Hi Sharon,

Sorry to hear about your son Michael. My thoughts and prayers are with Michael, you and your family. Peace, take care and God Bless.


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Sounds like your plate is over loaded. I pray that your son will feel and know your love and concern, that he will have hope and faith that he can over come this problem. Donna G

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A message to your son from me:


I'm a recovering addict/alcoholic. I have 24 years clean and sober. Like you I got started when I was in my teens (17). Like you I went through that horrible feeling that nothing would help. That I would feel like this the rest of my life and that the only way out was to keep on using, or to check out completely. But I was wrong... VERY wrong.

Mike, getting clean and sober just might be the hardest thing you will ever have to do. BUT IT CAN BE DONE! And it doesn't have to be done alone. The "family" of recovering addicts and alcoholics is measured in the millions. And while it's true that it used to be just us "old farts" that were members of that family, that is no longer the case. More and more, these days, people of your age are stepping out of the darkness.

When I was drinking and using there were some wonderful people that tried to help me. They'd tell me "I know how you feel". Of course I didn't believe them. But I found out later they DID know EXACTLY how I felt. They'd "been there" and "done that". So *I* say to you: I DO know how you feel. And I DO know there is a way out. And it doesn't mean spending the rest of your life loaded or taking that final dive. I used to think it did. But I've found a life free of the chains of drugs, alcohol, pain and depression.

I know it's hard to see any hope when all you can imagine is darkness and pain. But the light is there. It may take just hanging on for a while. Sometimes it seems that's all we can do. But I'll tell you this. If you DO just hang on, if you just keep banging away at it, you WILL see that light.

I feel for you Mike, I really do. It's been awhile but I still remember vividly those days when I was trying so desperately to get clean ... and failing each time. But something inside of me kept me trying "one mre time" and somehow, someway there came a time when it finally worked.

Like I said, it's been 24 years now. 24 years filled with love and joy. And yes, some pain and sorrow also. But it's been 24 years filled with LIFE!

There's a life waiting for you, Mike. From me to you: Come join us ... it's a HECK of a ride!


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What can I say after that eloquent response?

Sharon, of course we'll pray real hard for Michael and your family. All you need to do is ask, dear.



PS. Dear God, please make certain Michael's guardian angels do a good job, okay? His mom is very very worried....

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Our son Michael went through the same thing when he was 16. It is also a long story but he was in the hospital addiction and recovery unit for 45 days and out patient daily care for 4 months after that. He is now 28. He had a very hard time and it was total hell for all of us. Please pm me if you want to talk. I have REALLY been there.


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Sharyn. It is the most heart breaking thing for a parent to go through. I know from experience and my prayers are with you, your son and your whole family. You are not alone even though I know it feels that way sometimes. I wish I had some words of wisdom to share with you, but all I know is that our children are in God's hands and we have so little control of things. My love to you.

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Your prayers, messages and Private messages have meant the world to me... I intend to keep you posted... today was another horrible day - can't write about it now... but I can't tell you what it means to know that you are all right here for me. Much Love, Sharon

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Dearest Sharon,

I am so very sorry to hear about your son. I can understand some of your emotions. My brother suffered through horrible substance abuse for over 10 years. It tore our whole family apart. I know the devastation it can bring with it...worrying about your loved one and trying to deal with your emotions. My brother finally went through a 30 day treatment program about 7 years ago and things have slowly built back since. Please PM me if you need to talk or any support! I will be praying for your family.


Andrea B.

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You've got my most hopeful prayers coming your way. I can feel your pain through your words. My brother is a recovering cocaine addict. He's managed to build a successful life from virtual ruins in the past 12 yrs. As a family...we needed to support his rehab efforts...which was often harder on us than we expected. But there is hope beyond the devastation of addiction....believe me. My stepson is presently in a 30 day inhouse rehab. After many tries...my husband and I are hoping this is the one that works him. Take no blame for your son's addiction. It's truly a personal failing that needs to be addressed by the addict himself before any cure can be found. Good luck to you and to your son...........

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Add me to the list of those praying for your son and your whole family. Dean's message was wonderful, and even if your son acts like he doesn't "hear" it, that message may sink in better than anything else could. For what it's worth, I know several people who were addicted to drugs at his age, and are now "fine upstanding citizens" with no substance abuse issues. It's hard, but I know he will have your steadfast love and support, and there is every reason to hope for better times ahead.



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