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Just Looking for a Few Prayers


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Hello everyone - boy, frankly I don't know who's more exhausted: my husband from his chemo or me from sheer emotional overload~ Each day is met with "how do you feel this morning?" "where does it hurt?" and "on a scale of 1 to ten", you know the rest...

Tomorrow Bob is going back to the drs. for his ninth week of chemo; the last couple of weeks he's been anemic so they're giving him a shot. But we THINK [hahah], the shot may be making him extremely short of breath at times, to the point where he can hardly breathe, talk, or anything -- and his chest hurts terribly even with the oxycodone or whateveritis.

So please say a prayer that the doctors know what they're looking at, that the blood test is read correctly and that nobody kicked the can tomorrow morning. I want some sound advice here about his chest and why so much pain. They 'think' it's from the coughing up fluid from his lungs. But it's getting like, ridiculous now. I don't know. I know I'm growing more scared each day. Has anyone else had the same lung pain even WITH the chemo? Or the severe shortness of breath??? I'd be interested in what you found it to be attributed to.


Husband Stage IV SCLC w/mets to ribs, lungs, liver, spine, marrow

Taxol/carboplatinum x 9 weeks

Praying for those miracles...

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The shot is probably Procritt. And it is suppossed to be addressing the shortness of breath. See when you have anemea, you have no hemoglobin, that's what carries the oxygen to the cells. The Procritt is suppossed to stimulate the body to produce more red blood cells to carry that all important oxygen around. I am sure the Dr's are keeping a close eye on his blood counts and will give him a transfusion id it drops to low. I have the same problem, always short of breath and tired.

Good luck with it! I will be praying for you both.



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I had extreme shortness of breath from two quarts of pink fluid in my left plural space. They did drain this plural effusion with a needle, but I needed oxygen at home for a while. I took the shots for anemia but I had to give in and get two units of blood transfused. I was quite short of breath from the anemia. The past week my abdominal muscles have been sore and I fear that something is coming back..


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thanks everyone for your feedback~ I think we may revisit Moffitt and possibly look into a clinical trial. Hubby went to the dr. yesterday and they just 'don't know' what the pain could be from; but at the same time, didn't offer any recommendations~?

Maybe it's just us, expecting an answer or, expecting a test or some

demonstration of of "hum - why don't we schedule a xxxxxxxx to see if that tells us something?" It's the pain in the ribs/chest area that is alarming and while the doctor is troubled by it too, he didn't offer any options.

Yeah, he had his anemia shot yesterday and it helps for a while. It's the pain in the chest. But with this disease, I suppose it's just always something.....

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I just wanted to say that I will be praying for your husband.

Also, be insistant about getting your husband testing and have his chest looked at. It seems with late stage LC, many doctor's are complacent and unwilling to work hard for us. We need to be our own advocates and get down and dirty. I've always been a doormat, quiet and accepting. But when it comes to the man I love, I find if they don't give me the answers I want well then I will turn B!tch on them.

Resently Keith has been having numbness in his arm. The onc didn't even look at it, but left us a message on our answering machine that is sounds like carpel tunnel. At our last appointment, he barely touched his elbow for a minute, didn't even roll up my husband's sleeve and proclaimed carpel tunnel. Well, we demanded it be tested and determined to be carpel tunnel before we give up "pestering" him about it. We go for an MRI on the 15th.

Demand what you feel is at least the medical attention your husband deserves. It is your right, these doctors work for you, even if most don't act like they do.

My prayers are with you

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