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Has anyone heard of or tried this?


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Hey Everyone,

I own my own business, and I have a computer guy that I call for all problems. Well, I was just speaking to him and he said he had just returned form staying with his mother who passed away from Lung cancer. He told me to do some research on this stuff. What he said is that she was extremly frail and ill, and after a few weeks of taking it she became very healthy and lived another 8 months feeling very good. He said he wished he had known about this before. But he did tell me the change in her was remarkable. She took it in conjunction with more standard treatments. I was wondering if anyone knows anything baout it, or perhaps ahve had some personal experience.

I would apprecaite any feedback.

Here is the link (the site is a little difficult to navigate)


Thanks guys,


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I know the site is awful. Go to where it says "Breakthrough In Cancer Research"a nd click on it. Then on the right side it will say" The Victory Over cancer is at hand" Click on thsi and it will give you a summary of the product. I guess it is compsoed of Vitamon C and L-lysine.

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