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What do any of you think of this?


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While browsing a page Hebbie (heather) posted a link to, I found the following. I don't know if such things have been discussed on the board or not. Havent seen it. Was wondering what others thought of the following.

Cancer Profile Characteristics


Researchers have looked for personality characteristics shared by all cancer patients. For many, the development of their cancer has been preceded by a significant loss in their lives and often a loss of hope. Although there is yet to be a definition of a cancer personality that fits all people with cancer, some experts believe that for many people, and for certain types of cancers, psychological elements are more of a factor. There are, however, psychological traits and stressful events commonly shared by people who contract cancer. Cancer profile characteristics include:

having experienced a significant loss

being overly critical towards oneself

having a disturbed or emotionally sterile relationship with parents

suppressing anger or strong emotions

hopelessness, depression, and being a self-sacrificing kind of person.

The adverse effects of these characteristics on a person's immune system could be reduced by working with a caring competent therapist, see the next section for guidance on "Finding a Cancer Therapist".


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My cancer did not required any follow up treatment, but I did enlist a therapist who specializes in cancer, and massage therapist, and anti depressents. I don't know where I would be without any of them.

Although my therapist says no, I know my body reacts to stress by growing tumors. How else can 3 primary tumors be explained? This may not be so for everyone, I know, but it has worked wonders for me.


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I don't know that I was depressed or over critical prior to being told I had cancer but I sure was for a while AFTER I was told. I have had a personality change since I was treated for cancer though. I used to be described as quiet and serious, although I had lots of fun, I "danced "for change in the French Quarter once, love to dance, etc travel. Now my mouth runs all the time! I blow bubbles at work. At a cancer survivors dinner I loved wearing the red ball nose!

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I believe that being under a tremendous amount of stress has a part in developing cancer. I know that most docs say that isn't true, but I have talked to other cancer survivors who feel that their cancer came along after really stressful times in their lives.

I just can't help but believe that immune system, etc. has something to do with it.

Now, that said, I am trying to live a peaceful life (easier said than done), but I really try not to "sweat the small stuff" anymore.

I have tried to change the way I look at things, get plenty of good rest, good food, water, and exercise. Supplements also seem to at least make me feel like I am doing everything I can to keep this nasty stuff away from me.

I had to get the help of a therapist to get thru all this the last time. I was taking anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants. I'm off the anti-anxiety meds now and have cut way, way down on the anti-depressants. I hope to get off them really soon too.

But, yes, I do think in some respects, there is a stress or intense personality issue involved in development of tumors.

My onc can't figure out why I have had two primary cancers so early in life either--especially with nearly no family history of cancer at all......it's gotta be something.

I still will never believe that the lung tumor didn't have something to do with the 33 doses of radiation that lung took as a result of breast cancer two years prior. Docs say that is not possible, but I know that during that radiation, I got an intense "smoker's cough" that wasn't like that beforehand. Guess we'll never really know, and it really doesn't matter that much in the end either.......

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I know what you mean, Donna G.--as far as being over-critical and depressed AFTER the DX. -- Anyway, when I read this, I sure did get depressed AGAIN. But I am trying to look at it as if ANYONE might be able to answer "yes" to those questions--well, not everybody--there are some people who are overly critical of others and not themselves--lol. But anyway, this did get me WAYYYYYY down, and I sure hope I can pick myself back up and soon. Then I felt bad cos maybe I felt that by posting this I made others feel as bad as I did-

Hmmm--isnt' feeling that way (caretaker) on the list????

Oh well


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In my Mom's case, she definately fits that profile. She was on anti-depressants/anxiety most of her adult life and then my Dad suffered a stroke and went into a Nursing home. She went from working full-time (65 years old) quickly downhill, had a stroke and went into the Nursing home with him. Then came the dreaded SCLC. So, she did suffer great losses, too. I believe all these things played a role in my Mom's cancer. She was very sick before the cancer too (not eating properly).


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My wife does not fit the profile you reported. Neither do I. I don't believe there is a "cancer" personality myself. I think you can just look at the people represented here and see a cross section of the population. I do believe stress lowers the immune system, and that cancer can get hold when the immune system can't handle it. However, we have a very stressful society. So what about the people under stress who don't get cancer? I think heredity is a factor and I believe environment (like dirty air and what we eat) is a factor. I am a scientist by training, and it is safe to say you can prove anything with the right selected data. I say, "Bunko"! Don

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Like Don and Lucie, my husband did not fit the profile. In fact at the time this occurred, we were entering the best time of our lives. Neither of us has lost anyone in our lives close to us. For the past 9 years, we have been living a wonderful life with lots of laughter and close companionship and love. We started out with a lot of ambition, but little to show for ourselves. Instead of stressing out, and working too much like many people, we decided we would not buy anything on credit, and just live a simple and cheap life. We loved it that way. We spent a lot of time together doing quiet things. We managed to get to a point where we were making much more than our expenses and had expendable resources. We bought some land and started plans to build a house. We started traveling (in fact we just returned from a trip to Mexico on week prior to diagnosis). We were trying to get pregnant and had joyful plans for the future. Life was like a dream.

Keith is also not the type of person to hold in emotions and is definitely not overly critical of anyone.

He has no family history of cancer, but he did smoke in his youth. He had quit years prior, but he still had the history. Add to that the fact that he had/ still has a terrible diet. He has many food phobias and doesn't eat many many things that are good for him.

I don't know why this happened to him, and I don't think anyone will ever know for sure. All I know is that I would give my life to go back and undo whatever the cause of this. Whatever the profile, it isn't right and it isn't fair.

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Oh Carleen, your words are such a glowing testament to your marriage. How beautiful.

When I connect my tumors to stress I think of it this way---some people have back spasms, some people have stomach problems, I believe, for me, that my immune system is screwed up, and tumors can occur. Through the therapy I have seen that I was a major suppressor of feelings, but now, no way. That's why the massages help me so much. She will not allow my body to store those stresses, and I can actually visualize my lymphatic system flowing.


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Hi Elain,

There has been a movement to blame the sick for being sick since time immemorial. Gods wrath, wages of sin, unclean immoral living, gluttony daemon rum and recently, smoking. Don't feel guilty! It's humbug

The “War on Cancer’ like the “War on Drugs” has not been as successful as the politicians promised, but there has been a lot of understanding of how DNA is progressively altered in malignant cells. We start with a couple of trillion cells which can have damage done to DNA by cell division, radiation, chemicals, and the free radicals of oxidation. If a specific series of chance damage occurs to a given cell, it is transformed to a malignant cell. The longer we live the more DNA damage accumulates, but one in a few hundred may get a sufficient amount of damage in one spot to get cancer as a kid. Ionizing radiation including X-ray treatment is carcinogenic, as is UV radiation. Just plain metabolism causes damage. Animals get cancer, particularly dogs and cats, because they live to an old age, unlike most mammals we keep around us. Is it because Fluffy is despondent that she develops breast cancer? Man can drink to cirrhosis, smoke until COPD and eat to diabetes or heart disease, but no lifestyle or attitude insures that one will develop cancer or can guarantee you will never get it. Uranium miners who are heavy cigarette smokers have a high rate of LC, but most are spared to die of something else. despite the radioactive dust in their lungs.


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To me that is HOCUS POCUS,

my life has been a roller coaster,

ok I got cancer (bc) at 71 years old,

more hocus pocus it is glycogen-rich

breast cancer, and all the previous

known women that had it are dead,

31 of them.

So no treatment for me, not enough

money in it. Still I am alive 5 years later.

My husband got lung cancer when life

was perfect for both of us.........

The longer you live the more chances

you have to get sick from something.

That is my 2 cents worth for today.


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