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Hi, my name is Chris, 55 year old female from Brisbane Australia.  I was diagnosed Stage 4 Nsclc Adenosquamous in early November 2021.  Have right collapsed middle lobe with large mass, small nodules in left lobe, adrenals, nodules in supraclavicular and 23 brain Mets.  I commenced Keytruda (high PDL-1 no gene mutations)mid December and have also undergone two sessions of Gamma Knife for the brain Mets.  So far I am experiencing a good response to therapy

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Hi Chris welcome here hopefully you will get lots of support and some answers, that's brilliant news your having good response to the treatment I hope it continues for you, I also have lung cancer which was treated last November and December with radiotherapy and chemotherapy which has shrunk the tumor, found 2 brain mets a month ago that I have just had gamma knife to treat not sure how long it takes to show any results of working but glad to have been offered it, I have lost a alot of feeling in my right hand side possibly due to swelling, I really hope you continue getting better take care Justin 

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Welcome Chris,

Sorry that you have to be here, but you are definitely in the right place for support and advice. 
I have NSCLC adenocarcinoma and was diagnosed in August last year, with one lung tumour, two affected lymph nodes and an adrenal metastasis. I am on a trial combining Keytruda with radiotherapy and have had good results so far, so feeling hopeful.

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Welcome Chris from "Down Under"!

Your form of adeno-squamous is unusual and I'm happy Keytruda is working. GammaKnife should make brain met recurrence unlikely.

Good of your to join us.

Stay the course.


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