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Back pain


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Hi everyone,

It’s been some time since I’ve been here. First I’d like to say thank you. This road that we’re on is difficult. Mentally and physically it takes such a toll and although friends and family are willing to help they don’t understand the full picture. I was diagnosed 11/11/19 and went through the gamut of chemo, radiation and a couple rounds of Durva before it was stopped due to pneumonitis. Went on steroids for 6 months. Caught Covid twice but still I rise. Current status is NED and my scans are now going to every 6 months but I still have chest and back pain? The back pain is in the area of the big tumor and comes and goes. Last CT showed  paramediastinal scarring and trace pericardial effusion but doc said it’s nothing to worry about. 
Any suggestions…


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Great to hear from you again!

Various aches and pains after lung cancer are not unusual. Keep reporting them to your oncologist, especially the back pain. Your last CT, my view, does not suggest any tumor recurrence.

Stay the course.


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