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Anyone have problems with Lymphedema?


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I've been trying to gather information about Lymphedema on the net. I haven't been too successful especially with regard to LC. Mostly the information is Breast Cancer related. They removed lots of lymph nodes during my biopsy, then I had two of thoratic surgerys where 10-15 lymph nodes were removed in the mediastinum area/chest/arm pit area (they couldn't decide if I had LC or Breast C) then they removed 10-15 when I had my pneumonectomy. My armpit area swells and also the area just below where my scar runs along my back. My arm doesn't really fill with too much fluid its mostly just in those areas. Anyone else find this a problem? My pneumonectomy was on my left side and I've found from reading about lymphedema that you are not supposed to have IV's, blood pressure readings etc. on that left arm. Well, I just had surgery to remove a lump (cyst, thank GOD) on my wrist and I've been wearing a brace on my wrist. Between the IV they put in that arm, the surgery, the brace etc. I'm wondering if that was too much trauma to it and that has caused swelling. I'm hoping that maybe this is a common problem for LC patients too. Anyone with any advice??

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Hi Tami-- I have lc and after sexeral protocals of chemo developed lymphedema from the knees own. I am still trying to deal with it . Type in lymphedema and hit search a site will come up. There is not to much info on it and docs don't seem to offer much. i know duiretics will not help to get rid of the fluid lymph is not like general water retention. Hope this helps some wish i had more to offer. Carlton

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