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I just found out that I have lung cancer


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Hi…I just found out, today, that I have lung cancer.  I see a pulmonologist tomorrow to find out if I would be able to undergo surgery, where they would remove a wedge and possibly a lobe.  And, if surgery isn’t an option for me, they will do radiation.  It sure is a scary and confusing time.  I’m happy that I found this group.  

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Hi LC57

i am sorry to hear what you are going through. I had a lobectomy in 2020, it was very frightening. The surgery and recovery for me was not bad. I was riding my bike a week later. Keep me updated on what your plan of treatment will be. I will be sending good thoughts and prayers for you

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Welcome to our forums.  Learning that you may have cancer can be devastating but know that lung cancer is not the automatic death sentence that it once was.  There are a multitude of treatments available that weren't even a short 5 years ago.  In the meantime let me share some information and a tip with you.

  1. Here is some information on the diagnostic process that will help you understand some questions you should ask and things to be mindful of.  It can be found here.
  2. This is the best treatise on surviving cancer written by one of our senior members and titled; "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; from a Survivor" and it is on this page
  3. TIP:  Stay away from Dr. Google.  Looking up details on your disease and treatments is fine, but the survival stats are not indicative of what is happening "on the ground" for a host of reasons.

Once you get through your diagnostic process (which can be lengthy) you will discuss your treatment plan with your medical team.  Please come back and share it with us.  Collectively we've gone through every treatment available (as well as many trials) so we're happy to share our experience with you.


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