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It's Official........I'm Full of **IT!!!!!!!!


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Ok, lol, didn't know where to post this but it just confirms that I am full of **it so thought I would post it here.

While at the zoo on Friday I noticed a pain starting in my left side and progressing through my abdomen as the day went on. Pain built up all Friday evening to the point of very little sleep Friday night. Saturday I called my Dr's. office and spoke with the oncall nurse. She thought it was contstipation (major side effect of chemo) and called me back with a liquid laxative to take. She said if it didn't work to go to the ER and get checked out. Well, we cut our trip short so I could be close to MY hospital if need be and came home. I took the liguid (let me tell you "Pleasing Lemony Flavor" LIES)!!!! By 6pm the pain was worse so My daughter and I took a quick trip to ER. We lucked out and got there at shift change so everyone was fresh and ready to go!! They took me in, did a couple of tests and some xrays to be sure there was nothing "growing" anywhere and gave me ANOTHER fine tasting liquid to take. Told me the only thing they saw on the xray was "waste products" so I needed to take THIS liquid. This one (golytely ...again a misnomer) is only to be taken if you are within 2 feet of your own throne because when it starts there is NOTHING you can do to stop it. I took some Saturday night and it helped a little, took more Sunday and it helped a little but then I had to stop so I could come to work today. Will take more tonight and maybe that will take care of it!!

God Bless you all and I hope you NEVER are full of **it!!!


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LOL - PLEASE, excuse my laughter...had a colonoscopy a few years back and totally understand that needing to be within two feet (bare*ss nekid, I might add for SPEED) of the throne.

Iressa kept me hopping, but NOTHING like that "people Drain-O" ya gotta take to clean everything out... Sure gives new meaning to "express lane"!

I can remember, makes me laugh now, but then....well, I never realized I had THAT MUCH in me, everyone's always told me I'm full of pis_ and vinegar....go figure!


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good luck with the next try.

In December 2002 we moved to a classy building after selling

our house for easier treatments for Mike, as he was on morphine

for a broken back plus all the cancer medication he was badly


The doctor gave him some special medication as he had no strength

in his back to push........it worked very well, he blocked the

toilet TWICE in one night, so here comes the manager to inquire

about the bathroom problem........nice welcome in a new place.

Mike was really full of **it.

Everytime I use the bathroom that picture is in my mind, and

I can't help laugh about it.



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When I had my 'you better get one because you are old' first colonscopy I told Earl that I was going to be the first one for whom that wonderful medicine and 400 ozs of liquid didn't do the trick.

Yep, I spoke too fast. Thank God I like to read and read and read.


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