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Duke of Earl - Chapter 58 - Good news, good news


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Just got back from 2 doctors.

1. Earl is stable. The Iressa, while not shrinking the tumors, is keeping them stable. We'll take stable any day.

2. Earl had his cast removed.

He is a happy camper.

The onc. gave us an RX for physical therapy. I think part of Earl's weakness is muscle atrophy. Have to talk to primary about it, but I think PT will really help him.

Now I go to the dentist at 3:00, cap just fell off about 1/2 hour ago. So it is a three doctor day. But my cap falling off is the worst news. All in all a good day.


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Ah, great, Ginny!

(Guess the cast was a mixed blessing...ice is almost gone now and it kept Earl from breaking his neck to be "cooped up" albeit interesting with the dance called "The Iressa Scoot"!)

Maybe you both can get out together soon and work on that PT with some tulip viewing and mud puddle dodging...(of course, I don't dodge 'em, I like to splash! LOL)

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I hate going to the dentist...man always asks me questions when he knows full well I can't answer him, he's the one that put all the crap in my mouth! - ya know, that stuff they lean in there to wedge your mouth open, a yard of gravel, a kitchen sink and a small jack hammer... :wink:

Spring is in the air! Wa-hoo!!


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Hi to the Duke and Ginny,

WOW, STABLE IS AWESOME! Way to go DUKE! And NO MORE CAST! Good news comes in three's too!!!!

And Ginny, I would bet that having a tooth problem isn't a bad thing for you compared to the EARTHQUAKES you have been dealing with my dear.

I'm still prayering of for your friend and family.

So glad to hear the GOOD NEWS though! God no's you deserve it my friend!

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Glad that Earl is a Happy Camper! I got Dave a hat about a year ago at Cracker Barrell, it had a smiley face wearing a ranger hat and said HAPPY CAMPER. :roll: I don't think they sell them anymore. Or, I'd send you Dave's but the darn puppy chewed it to bits. Life with a lab puppy. :twisted:

Congrats, and hope the rest of the week is going good, too!

God Bless,

Karen C.

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